INAT Group provides Calibration of electrical, mechanical, process control instrumentation and   laboratory equipments which include but not limited to: Force/Torque Calibration, Top Loads, Scales, Balances, Indicators, Weights, Ovens (Electric, Holding), Temperature Calibration (Dial and Digital Thermometer, Micro Processor Thermometers), Gauges Calibration (Dial and Digital Gauges), Pressure Calibration (Dial & Digital gauges), Welding Equipment Calibration (Welding Machines,  Reference Clamps for Welding Machines, Calibration, Welding Inspection Gauges, etc. Surveying Equipment Calibration, Paintings Gauges (Dry film thickness, Hygrometer,  Surface profile gauges, Holiday Detector, etc.), Concrete Batch Plant Calibration, Asphalt Plant Calibration, Incubators Calibration, Hardness Testers Calibration, Inspection Gauges Calibration, Humidity Calibration, Standards Calibration, Load Cell Calibration, High Voltage / Current, Ampere, Automatic Level, Digital Earth Tester, Digital Multi meter, Gas Multi Detector, High Voltage Porosity Detector, Insulation Tester, Pneumatic Test Pump, Pressure Transmitter, Vibration Meter, Temperature Calibrator, Torque Wrench.

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